solve the headache issue to extract direct .ipa installer from apple appstore

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For years, users have relied on best practices to protect themselves from mobile malware. This was based on the assumption that if you download only high reputation apps from official app stores (both Google Play and the Apple App Store), you will be safe. However, this paradigm has been challenged in the passing year as more and more malicious apps infiltrate these official fortresses.

It’s a phenomenon that can no longer be ignored; malware on app stores can’t be treated as inconsequential, isolated incidents. Both Google Play and the Apple App Store have been penetrated repeatedly, exposing users to various types of malware. Even Apple advocates can no longer rely on the Apple app review process to scrutinize apps in order to protect iPhones and iPads. Let’s take a look at four apps that climbed over the Google and Apple walls and gardens(from Avi Bashan).

In order to help security vendors find the latest risk issues, we are glad to announce that we are now starting to provide daily ipa installers from app store.

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